Expert company in the micro-machining of stones in the watchmaking and MedTech sectors


Usinage de mono-cristaux synthétiques, le rubis, saphir et les céramiques techniques

Pierhor-Gasser is mainly active in the watchmaking field. Our expertise is available in other industrial fields such as medical, electronics and micromechanics. We supply various industries that require the supply of nozzles called Waterjet and Inkjet.


Usinage de matériaux ultra-durs

Our know-how focuses on mastering the machining of ultra-hard materials. We machine synthetic mono-crystals such as ruby, sapphire and spinels as well as technical ceramics. The expertise of our production processes allows us to develop the technology of our machine park in order to improve our competitiveness.


Pierhor-Gasser is one of the very first Swiss manufacturers of synthetic jewels to achieve ISO 13485 certification. Synthetic ruby and sapphire are aluminium oxide single crystals used in the medical field for a wide range of applications.

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