MedTech Jewels and Ceramic

Precision micro-machined rubies and sapphires for cardiovascular, neurosurgery and other invasive MedTech applications

Application of rubies, sapphires and spinels in medical technologies and modern surgery

What are synthetic rubies and sapphires and what are their characteristics thanks to which they are successfully used for medical purposes?

Synthetic ruby ​​and sapphire are single aluminum oxide crystals, practically pure for sapphire (+99.99% Al2O3).

The color of ruby ​​is produced by adding a few ppm of chromium oxide (CrO3).

The main properties of rubies and synthetic sapphires are:

  • High hardness and mechanical strength
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Chemically inert
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Excellent electrical insulator

Since ruby ​​is an electrical insulator, it is mainly used when magnetically coupled or in a device that generates electrical impulses.

Its wear resistance and chemical inertness are two other characteristics that justify Pierhor-Gasser’s use of ruby.

There is no cracking or degradation, which is why single-crystal ruby ​​is used instead of multi-crystal (ceramic) ruby.

Pierhor Gasser manufactures high-quality ruby, sapphire and spinel implants and instrumentation for the MedTech industry.

To ensure the repeatability and reliability of the production of many components, Pierhor-Gasser has developed a femtolaser process that achieves a very high quality surface finish and a precision close to one μm.

All these characteristics are suitable for the medical field.

Some possible applications in the medical device sector :


    • Electro-medical implantable devices, isolators and/or bearings for implantable defibrillators, heart pumps, pacemakers, etc.
    • Instruments for arteriotomies


    • Ball valve seat (recessed stone with a ball)


    • Neurosurgical implants and instruments

Flow control

    • Use of flow control nozzles for e.g. cerebrospinal fluid