Historically primarily dedicated to the watchmaking sector, Pierhor-Gasser has recently obtained ISO13485 certification, becoming one of the first Swiss jewels manufacturers capable to offer machining services to the producers of medical devices, implants and instruments.


Pierhor-Gasser enter the medical sector

To ensure maximum reliability and repeatability required for the medical sector, we have thought of multiple ways to improve our production processes.

  • We have designed a solution for bonding stones in a clean room on a wafer that can accommodate 6000 pieces, which are then machined with processing time reduced from 10s to 1s per stone.
  • We have developed a femtolaser drilling process which achieves an accuracy of the internal diameter of the hole close to one μm and excellent surface finish.
  • To ensure repeatability of length and surface quality of the inner hole, we have designed a fully digitally controlled Creusomat, replacing the old cam system.
  • Finally, to guarantee superb quality of our machined jewels, we have developed a system for 100% final control of the parts by a camera system, assisted by artificial intelligence software.

See more about these innovative solutions in an article from EPHJ’s official magazine Le Quotidien du Salon from 15 June.