About us

Our machined jewels have been at the center of watchmaking since 1899.

Who are we ?

Pierhor SA was founded in 1899, making it the oldest jewel-bearing factory still in operation. Since its inception, it has specialised in ruby production for watches, supplying major Swiss watchmaking brands.

Gasser-Ravussin SA was founded in 1927 and was a pioneer in ruby and sapphire laser machining. It also specialised in jewel-bearing production, as well as diversifying into non-watchmaking activities.

The year 2017 marked the beginning of a new adventure for these two companies, which the Acrotec Group acquired. In 2018, the two companies merged at the former Pierhor SA production site in Ecublens to become Pierhor-Gasser SA. This new, independent entity pools over 200 years of expertise in supplying the watchmaking industry. In addition, Pierhor-Gasser guarantees a 100% Swiss-made product.


The primary materials we manufacture are synthetic single crystals such as ruby, sapphire and spinel, as well as technical ceramics. These materials have the quality of having hardnesses ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 Vickers. Mastering the manufacturing techniques that we develop allows us to achieve accuracies of a few microns. We can also machine holes with a diameter of 0.05 mm and perform external cylindrical grinding of 5 mm parts. These same processes enable us to achieve surface finishes of a few nanometres, as required by the systems that incorporate them. This is a unique expertise.

Our mission

Together in a sustainable movement

For more than a century, Pierhor-Gasser has been producing and supplying high-precision watchmaking stones, using its ancestral know-how, which is constantly evolving and resolutely looking to the future, at the service of our customers.

Training and developing a multicultural workforce has always been a major component of the company’s strategy and development, in order to meet the highest standards of our customers while ensuring the well-being of our teams.

The inalterability of our components, our commitment to production that is ever more respectful of the environment and the health of our employees, our compliance with standards and regulatory requirements, and our commitment to a value chain that is as local as possible, are all part of our responsible and sustainable policy in the service of our stakeholders.










Jean-Michel Uhl  CEO de Pierhor-Gasser

Jean-Michel Uhl

CEO of Pierhor-Gasser

Managing Director of Pierhor-Gasser since 2017

Experience in business turnaround and investment recovery
20 years as a general manager in various sectors, including 12 years in the watchmaking industry

Tel. : +41 (0)21 661 28 70

Fabrice Lambert  Directeur Technique & Qualité

Fabrice Lambert

Engineer by training

Director of Operations

20 years of experience in the watchmaking industry
Director of Operations at Pierhor-Gasser

Tel. : +41 (0)79 282 71 34

Pamela Barberio  Production & Planification

Pamela Barberio

Started at Gasser-Ravussin over 15 years ago

Production & Planification

Developed internally as a logistics and production tracking manager
Was appointed sales and planning manager at Pierhor-Gasser in 2018

Tel. : +41 (0)21 621 12 80

Frédéric Cantin  Direction Projets et Développements

Frédéric Cantin

HES engineer in microtechnology

Projects & Developments Department

Worked for 6 years at Gasser-Ravussin as production tool development manager and then production and quality manager.
Took over the management of projects and developments at Pierhor-Gasser in 2018

Tel. : +41 (0)21 621 12 83