We are proud to announce our recent Swiss Triple Impact certification, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability. Here is an overview of our new commitments:

Commitment 1: Reducing VOC emissions

By 2028, we will replace 50% of our flammable VOC solvents with REACH-compliant alternatives, guaranteeing a significant reduction in environmental and health impact. This process, which will continue until 100% replacement is achieved by 2030, represents a major step forward in the transition to safer, more sustainable practices.

Commitment 2: Reducing industrial waste

Pierhor-Gasser is also committed to drastically reducing its production of industrial waste. By 2028, the company aims to achieve a 50% reduction in industrial waste and effluents. This initiative, which specifically targets non-hazardous and hazardous industrial waste, demonstrates our concrete commitment to preserving the environment and managing resources responsibly.

Commitment 3: Responsible purchasing

By 2026, we aim to have 80% of our main suppliers adhere to our responsible purchasing objectives and sign our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC). This ensures that our business partners share our values of social and environmental responsibility, reinforcing the positive impact of the whole supply chain.

Commitment 4: Safety at workpierhor-gasser quality management

We pay particular attention to the safety and well-being of our employees. By 2027, we are committed to reducing by 80% the risks of occupational illness and accidents identified as major in our workplace risk analysis. This initiative reflects the priority we place on protecting the health and safety of our staff, while promoting a safe and productive working environment.



These commitments illustrate our commitment to sustainability and social and environmental responsibility, contributing to a more sustainable future for all.